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CRUXspace Grand Reopening Show

"One Minute Auras" Curated by Kimberly Brickley + Sadaf Rassoul Cameron + Enrica Ferraro + Julia Staples + Evi Numen + Angela McQuillan + Heather Ujiie + Mina Zarfsaz As an aside, CRUXspace did not close, we just regenerated. One of the wonderful things about digital and media art is that it is hard to kill. This, of course, makes it very transportable and flexible in terms of time and space. It was a simple realization that CRUXspace was more of an idea than a physical environment in which to show new media and tech based works. Naturally, we found a new place to think. From the nature based patterned tapestries of Heather UJiie and Angela McQuillan’s pond life distributions, to Sadaf Rassoul Cameron’s photos that only have humans in them implicitly, we recognize an overall sensitivity to detail that is delicately considered in the construction of these worlds. Evi Numan poses digital Baroque nudes in a gorgeous and dramatic way, while playful and attentively curated moments demonstrate themselves in the work of Julia Staples and Enrica Ferraro. Mina Zarfaz takes over her particular space with a site specific installation that explores sound and time. As always, we genuinely thank participants that are joining us for the first time, or if you are joining us again we also thank you as we embark on newa rtistic ventures. -Kim Brickley, Curator CRUXspace is Philadelphia’s only New Media Art gallery. Founded in January 2014 by Andrew Cameron Zahn and run in conjunction with curator Kim Brickley, CRUXspace is not only a gallery with work influenced by and created with technology but also space for experimental projects to be born. CRUXspace will continue to provide an ongoing lineup of the best in New Media Art and Design, join us! WeWork, a coworking community located in The Piazza, has agreed to host us in their space as well as share some of their own ideas. Eliza Serocki, a community manager for WeWork, is now also a collaborator with CRUXspace. 1010 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19123. Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6. Or by appointment

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