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Benefit Print Release!

[Updated February 15th, 2020]

Back in 2010 I had the pleasure of working with Claus Larsen of legendary electro-industrial band Leaether Strip to create a bespoke album design concept for his release Mental Slavery. (For more of LS music go here)

Unfortunately, Claus' husband Kurt is ailing and the couple are facing significant medical expenses. To help provide the best health care possible for Kurt Grünewald Hansen, I'm offering the following photos of Rrbkkh Rynn as metal prints and donating 100% of the proceeds to Claus and Kurt. These prints will never be released for any other purpose.

A few of these were not featured in the album artwork, and none have been released for print before. I'm thinking that the most efficient way to do this is through a print on demand system with a breakdown of $50 + shipping and production cost for sizes up to 9 x 12 inches, and $100 + shipping and production cost for sizes up to 12 x 18 inches (or the square equivalent). Because of the resolution of the infrared camera these will not look good larger than 18 inches on the longest side.

For efficiency and cost reasons I will be doing this through direct shipping, ie. you will be getting your prints shipped directly from the printing company, so they will not be signed (but I can mail you a card with my signature and print number if that's important to you).

To order:

Email me at evinumen (at) gmail dot com with the heading "Mental Slavery Print", or message me here indicating the print you are interested in (each one has a Roman number) and the size you prefer (available sizes can be seen here) and we'll go from there. Once I have received payment from you via paypal and paid for the production cost, I will paypal Claus with the $50 or $100 amount and then show you receipts so you know that the money went to him.

Alternatively, donate to Claus directly here through his PayPal [], show me a receipt for your donation of $50 or $100 depending on the size of print you want, paypal me the production and shipping cost and I'll order the print and have it shipped to you.

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